Wilson Weatherford, M.D.

My friend and my first doctor died August 8, 2018.  He was 86 years old.

Wilson and I first met through a relationship with our parents.  His father, Q. Weatherford (Q was his nickname and I don't remember the real one) was the treasurer for United Fidelity Life Insurance Company in Dallas.  My dad got to know him when he served as the company's part time Medical Director.  Wilson had a younger brother whose name I don't remember.  I remember eating dinner in their home with my mother and dad.

Wilson was an internal medicine specialist who practiced in the Baylor Hospital on Gaston Avenue where I started my practice in 1968.  He became my doctor and was the first to diagnose me as having a high cholesterol in my blood.  I have been battling with this for many years.  I just recently stopped taking Lipitor as I thing it has been affecting my recent memory and causing muscle spasms.  Time will tell.  I found that the half-life is 14 hours.  At least I should know soon.

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