George Henry Walbert, Jr.

Born December 20,1936 in Chicago, died March 12, 2015 Hurst, TX

I lost yet another good friend.  George and I met through John Hastings, as they both worked in the same company 40 years ago.

George and I became friends during frequent episodes of elk hunting and trout fishing starting about 20 years ago.  We solidified our friendship during one long period as we rode in the car on the way home from Colorado when we drove non-stop.  We had tried to stop and spend the night on the way, but we were not able to stay in the motel where we usually stayed and decided to come on home.

George and I had much in common, but the most important was our belief in Jesus as the Christ and our personal savoir.

George was a caring husband and father.  My wife and I had occasion to visit them in their home on several occasions.  George, John and I met for lunch the day before his birthday in December.  We had scheduled to have lunch on Wednesday a couple of weeks ago but it got cancelled because of our bad weather and snow. 

George struggled mightily with health issues the last couple of years.  He is now with our Lord in spirit and will have a new glorified body when Christ returns.  I will miss George and grieve for his wife, son and daughter he leaves behind.

The is one of many pictures of George on one of  our Colorado trips in 2008.  It didn't take much to make him happy!

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