Over the years, I have probably fished Texoma more than any other lake.  My dad had a home on the lake in the late 50's and for a while after he retired in 1972.  

One of my fond memories is a trip fishing with a guide named Max Eggelston out of Loew's Highport.  It was a cold winter day, and my friend and medical associate Trevor Mabry, M.D. was with me.  It was so cold we thought we were going to freeze.  We could not get Max to pull to the bank so we could build a fire.  He had a small aluminum boat that he used oars to more around.  We fished around the "islands" but it was not a good day for catching.  I fished quite a few times with Trevor.  We became friends while we were in college at Baylor.  We shared an office at Medical City Dallas.  Trevor was killed in 1987 in a tragic private plane accident when four fine Dallas men were killed on the way back from Montana.  They had been attending a Focus on the Family board meeting.