Stranded in Roswell


My buddy JBH and I planned to ride our bikes to Santa Fe to meet our wives on our annual jaunt to Santa Fe.  There are some great rides out of Santa Fe.

We trailered to JBH's place at Possum Kingdom and started out early one AM.  To try to assure we would have no trouble on the ride, I bought new tires and had my 6000 mile service at the dealer.  We planned an overnight stay somewhere along the way.

Just south of Post, Texas while riding on a freshly topped highway, I heard a thump thump thump.  As the road was very smooth on the new surface and the noise disappeared, I thought no more about it.  About a 100 miles later, we stopped for gas.  To my horror, I noticed that there was a huge gouge out of my front tire exposing the ply/cord.  There were other abrasions around about a third of the diameter of the tire.

As we were in a small New Mexico town, we had no choice but to try to make it to Roswell, where we knew we would find a motorcycle dealer.  It was a long way to Roswell at 40 MPH.

There is a very large Harley dealer in Roswell located in new large quarters.  The service manager looked at the tire and immediately stated that it looked too large for the bike, and there was not enough room between the tire and the front fender.  We looked at the size and then the service manual, and sure enough, it was one size too big.  We also found an oil leak from the rear end and my rear brakes and tire were covered with oil.  It was good that I had not made any sharp right turns, as I would have gone down.  We speculated that the tread picked up a rock and because there was no room under the fender, the tire came out second best.  The leak in the rear end proved to be a loose drain plug which was resolved easily with a little clean up and a new seal.

It was Friday afternoon, and of course, the tire size was unique to the BMW and he ordered a tire, assuring us it would be in Saturday.  Well, it did not make it Saturday, and we rented a car and left our motorcycles in Roswell and drove to Santa Fe.

We made our weekend with our wives, and returned to Roswell on Monday.  The tire did not come in until Monday, so we spent another night and returned to PK the next day without any problems.

The Santa Fe ride will have to wait for a while.

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