Charles Bliss Shuey, Jr.

October 25, 1936 - April 4, 2015

Charlie was a medical school classmate and friend who became my doctor late in his career.  Charlie was a lung specialist who worked at Baylor Hospital for 40+ years.  In his later years he changed careers as the work associated was getting harder as he got older.  I was very pleased to see his friendly face when I went to the Baylor Wound Clinic with a big problem with my right foot from a surgical wound that had not healed.  He applied his treatment and the wound cleared quickly and I was able to have it surgically corrected.  I had been scared by my long time friend Dr. John Smith who I saw with the problem.  I had surgery on my foot to try to correct a problem that I had all of my life and was operated the first time in 1968.  I was at risk of losing my foot.  I am very grateful for his care.  His lovely wife had also been one of my patients.

We attended his service today that was absolutely wonderful.  It is great to be at a service of a fellow Christian and have a service given by people who knew him.  He had friends and family who spoke and told some wonderful stories.  The setting was the King Of Glory Lutheran church

Charlie will be sorely missed by many friends and his family.

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