Possum Kingdom

My long time friend and running buddy has a home at PK.  We have fished quite a few times, but there are so many boaters and jet skiers on the lake it is not much fun.

I remember a time many years ago when we were in medical school that a group of us went fishing there, at the suggestion of my friend Trevor Mabry.  Trevor grew up in Weatherford and considered PK his home town lake.  We stopped to get fishing license, but Trevor said he had fished in the lake all of his life and never had a license.  There were three boats of us, and while we were fishing, a boat approached Trevor's boat, but never came to the other two.  It turned out to be the game warden.  That was a costly trip for Trevor.  In all the years I have hunted and fished, I have never been asked to show my license by a game warden.