Jane has a beautiful solo voice.  It brings tears to Bill's eyes when she sings at church.  He has told her many times if she had a good agent, she could have had a singing career.

Jane has been troubled in recent years by asthma, which has affected her voice.  She is slowly improving and we hope she will completely recover the strength in her voice.

Bill has enjoyed music all of his life.  He has been a singer since childhood.  He does not have a solo voice (only in private), but has enjoyed choral singing.  He is a second tenor.  Some of his favorite memories of childhood are of listening to his dad sing while his mother played the piano.  His dad earned some of his living when he was going to school as a singer for an itinerant Baptist evangelist B.B. Crim.

Bill's real love is listening to music, especially classical.  He and his wife were season ticket holders to the Dallas Symphony since 1975.  They kept season tickets when we lived in El Paso as an "excuse" to return to Dallas several times a year.  We gave up our season tickets and now go only occasionally.

Our daughter Sharon has musical talent.  She plays the piano and is encouraging her four daughters to develop their musical talents. They play the flute, piano, French horn and violin.  Grandson Thomas is a piano player.  Son Mark plays the guitar.

Bill's latest venture began last fall (2006) when he started taking clarinet lessons after a 60 year break.  Jane bought a Buffet clarinet made in the 1970's at an estate sale.  Our grandson Rhys is learning to play an alto saxophone.

Bill is back singing in the choir at church, fall 2008.  Jane returned to the choir in February, 2008!  It makes me very happy.

Neither of us is still singing in the choir. Jane struggles with her lung problem.  I am just as not interested as I used to be.  We continue to enjoy the music of others, especially the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.

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Last updated: 05/21/2015