Muenster, Texas

JH, RM and I rode to the annual spring "fest" in Muenster, Texas.  It is a small German community just west of Gainesville.

Our route was up Preston Road to Gunter, then east on FM 121 through Tioga and over the Era on FM 922.  We turned north on FM 373 and met literally 1000 bicyclists on an annual ride from Muenster.  Our trip was slowed considerably by dodging bicycles.

We enjoyed the festive atmosphere at the fest.  I particularly enjoyed watching people dance the "funky chicken."  We had lunch of local fare and did a lot of people watching.  We had enough after a couple of hours and headed back home.

The trip back was considerably more fun.  We went west on Highway 82 to St. Joe and turned south on FM 677 to Forestburg where we picked up FM 922 again.  It was a nice "twisty" with no traffic fewer bicycles to avoid.  It was on the long bicycle route, and we met several struggling riders, some pushing their bikes up hills.  We were having a lot more fun than they were!  We varied our return route slightly by coming south on Highway 377 through Tioga to Pilot Point, turning east on FM 455 to Celina and then again south on Preston Road (Highway 289).

The only problem with the return is we were bucking a 15-20 mile headwind that was brutal.  It made me decide to try to do something to resolve the wind buffeting on my motorcycle.

June 4, 2002

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