Jay's Route

Jay's route begins just outside Elmo, Texas.  South on Highway FM 1395 to FM 895 through Edgewood then south to Canton.  Continue on Highway 64 through Ben Wheeler then follow the route to Edom.  There is a great place in Edom to have a late breakfast or lunch.  Return via SSR 314 to Van then FM 110 to Grand Saline.  Take a left on Highway 80 through Fruitvale and then right on FM 19 to Emory.  Left on Highway 69 then left on FM 35 to Hermits Cove.  Left on FM 47 to FM 1395.  The entire route is about a 100 miles.  Great two lane roads most of the way, with a few twisties.  Beautiful fall leaves when I took the ride.

If you go on this route on the first Monday weekend of a month, then you must be prepared for the "traffic" through Canton.  It is mostly people walking across the highway.

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