Family History

William M. Crutcher, M.D. (1937-)

This is a family story, gleaned from my memory of tales told by my relatives.  Nothing is certifiable, as my memory sometimes remembers only the good stuff.  My life began on April 17, 1937 in Dallas Texas.  I was born at Dallas Methodist Hospital.

I am told I was a precocious child and very friendly.  I will place this "baby" pictures from our archives.  I must be about 18 months old in this picture. We were living on Junior Drive in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas. We lived on three acres and kept horses, chickens, goats and a milk cow. It was not within Dallas city limits at that time.


This is a picture when I was about four years old. Look at the long curly hair. This was one of my mother's favorite pictures of me. We have a version that was hand colored currently hanging in our hall. The original is black and white. The color rendition was done by my mother's friend Ella Mewhenny, who was a talented artist. I don't remember any art work done by my mother other than a period when she did some decorating on dinner plates.



This is a picture of a very serious teenager. I can't remember having this picture taken, but it was done at Titche-Goettinger's studio. We did not have many professionally done pictures. I don't know what the occasion was that called for this one. I went to Sunset High School, graduating in 1954. I then went to Baylor University, a family tradition. Both my mother and father were Baylor graduates. They met at Baylor.


This picture was made about 1990. It was done by a photographer at Medical City Dallas Hospital. Quite a change from the above. Note the change of hair patterns. I inherited my hair pattern from my father. He was prematurely gray at a very young age.  Enough about me.


I feel fortunate to have a wonderful wife.  Jane has been a great influence in my life and continues to be on a daily basis.  She has been wonderful to our children and they have a great relationship. 

Jane's latest interest is in home and office decorating.  She has been doing this for friends and family for years.  Only recently has she made a commercial venture out of it.  It is part of her being what I call my Proverbs 31 woman!



My father Howard Kelly Crutcher, M.D. (1900-1986) was born on July 4, 1900 in Mount Vernon, Texas.  He practiced medicine in Dallas for forty-two years.  He was the most optimistic man I have ever known.  When he was 85 he bought a new car and purchased a 5 year extended warranty.  Unfortunately, he did not get the chance to use it.  He died a quick and merciful death secondary to a sudden cardiac standstill.  A quick death is a gift from God!  I do not have many pictures of my dad.  







My mother Mozelle Wells Crutcher (1905-1957) died when she was 52.  I have very few pictures of her and none that were professionally made.  This is a snapshot of mother made in 1954 while our family was on vacation in Minnesota.  She was a strong personality and good family organizer.  We miss her and have many fond memories. 





We obtained this picture of mother taken about 1923 when she was "Queen of May" at Baylor University.  It belonged to my brother.  It is the only one in existence.






My brother Howard Kelly Crutcher, Jr. M.D. (1932-2006) was five years older than I.  Here is a picture of him at the age of 17 when he was a sophomore at Baylor University.  He was a psychiatrist by training.  He spent the last twenty years of his working life in administrative medicine, working for the Social Security Administration and the Department of Labor.  He retired in Guerneville, California where he died August 5, 2006.





 Our Children


Sharon Lynne Crutcher , the oldest has four daughters and lives in Pennsylvania.  This picture was taken when she was thirteen and going to school at Hockaday School in Dallas.

This is a current picture of Sharon taken this year (2017) on her birthday.




Mark Allen Crutcher at ten years of age now has two children, a son and a daughter.  He is a software engineer and works in the telecommunication industry.  This picture was taken when he was a student at St. Marks in Dallas.  Mark transferred to The Episcopal School of Dallas in the 6th grade were he graduated.






Paul Monroe Crutcher at eight says he was nearly grown until he learned that his name was not "and Paul."  Paul was graduated from St. Marks School of Texas.  He has three children, two sons and a daughter and lives in Minnesota.  He also is a software engineer and works for IBM. 






Our children are a joy to our lives.  Our three children have nine children.  The last time we were all together was Christmas 2008.  Our daughter-in-law Julie is missing.  Matthew, sitting on Thomas' lap is somewhat unhappy at being still.



The Yoh Family 2004

Kristen, Catherine, Sharon with Bella, Samantha, Hal and Madeline 

Mark Crutcher Family 2001

Mark, Melanie, Rhys and Natalie

Recent event in Mark's family was Rhys graduation from Texas A&M



Paul Crutcher Family

Paul, Julia, Thomas, Caroline and Matthew



Gram and Matthew, age 3 months

Caroline, Minnesota cowgirl  



My paternal grandfather William Carey Crutcher, M.D. (1860-1920) was a pioneer surgeon who practiced in Mount Vernon, Texas.  He owned and operated his own hospital.  One of my dad's favorite stories relates to the frequent loss of electricity in the hospital because his dad did not have money to pay the electric bill.  In the early 1900s people did not have much money.  He did not seem to let that interfere with the practice of medicine.  He bought his own power generation system to keep the lights on in the hospital.  This is one of the few pictures I have of him, made when he was a young man.  It is a tin type photograph, probably made before the turn of the 20th century.



My paternal grandmother Susan Young Lenora Ray Crutcher (1862-1935).  She died before I was born.   She was ill for many years before she died.




My maternal grandfather William Monroe Wells (1872-1946) lived in Temple, Texas with my aunt Flora Eleanor Wells Moon.  My maternal grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Baxter Wells (1876-1939) died when I was very young.  I do not remember her.  I remember my grandfather "Dada" very well.  He had a farm near Belton, and we would go out to the farm almost every day, stopping on the way to buy food for our lunch cooked by Flossie, who lived on the farm.  I remember shooting snakes in the pond on the farm.  I also remember a storm cellar that contained wonderful home made grape juice.  This is the best picture I have of Willie Wells, taken in the back yard of his home holding Billy.  Notice the rock work around the flower beds.  He build a castle out of rock and beds and rock work filled the back yard.  He died in 1946.                                                                                                                                                          

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