W.D. (Dub) Hollon, died August, 2007 age 71

I first met Dub when we both attended the same church, starting in 1974.  At that time, he worked for American Liberty Oil Company, the job he had held since finishing S.M.U.  He was the most solid individual I have ever known.

Dub and his wife Betty became our "best" friends, sharing good and bad times together.  We shared many meals at each other's table.  I think we ate more at their house than ours.  Betty is a great cook, especially her lasagna.  She did not keep leftovers, and it was our favorite meal,. We took the dish home and ate it for several days.

Dub was Toddie Lee Wynne's right hand man for many years.  Soon after Mr. Wynne's death, Dub was fired from his job.  He was distressed, as it was the only job he had ever had.  There were some problems between him and Mr. Wynne's son.  Even though he lost his job, he remained Chairman of the Board of Directors of American Liberty Oil and was the executor of Mr. Wynne's estate.

Dub was a C.P.A. by education.  In the years after he left American Liberty, he worked mostly in the mergers and acquisitions area.  He worked for Randy Best of Houston for several years.  He commuted to Houston, maintaining his home in Dallas.  He worked for several years for First Digital, the former parent company of Western Union in the M&A field.  They relocated their Dallas office to Colorado, and Dub had no interest in moving way from Dallas.   He had many different clients, helping them do business plans during his last working years.

Dub and Betty had two children.  They lost their son several years ago.  Their daughter has two children, and Dub was very involved with his granddaughters.  They attended the same church and saw each other frequently.

Dub had a melanoma removed from the skin in his left temple area.  In spite of very aggressive surgical treatment, he succumbed from the disease in less than a year.

I am looking forward to spending eternity with Dub.  I will seek his advice often.

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