Clarence Edward "CE" Butridge
Butridge, C. E. Clarence Edward (CE) Butridge, age 70, died September 12, 2008 after a yearlong
battle with cancer. Born February 26, 1938 to Clarence and Anita Butridge in Longview, TX where
he lived until he went to college. He graduated from Texas A&M in 1960 and CE proudly wore his
Aggie ring for 48 years, prompting conversations with people on a weekly basis. He loved A&M
and his Aggie buddies, friends that were around until his last day.

After serving in the A& M Corps and the US Army, CE moved to Dallas to work for NCR. With the
lessons he learned there, he went on to start his own business, buying and selling several
companies over the years. In 1989, he partnered with another Aggie to start LaserSaver. He
became sole owner in 2003 and brought in his daughter to be his partner in 2004. He patiently
taught her how to run a business and was proud to leave the company in her hands when he became sick. I

n addition to being a great businessman, CE loved to have fun. His favorite activities included going to restaurants
and spending time with his many, many close friends. CE enjoyed traveling and was lucky to have been all over
the world. He loved to go to Herschel's, where they would play with old cars and he learned to fly airplanes.

CE also fell in love with a little town in Colorado called Cuchara and made wonderful friends there. He was so happy
to complete construction on his own cabin, Butte Ridge, and was thrilled to spend some of his final days there.

At the center of CE's life were his family and friends. He was married to his best friend for 34 years and had
two daughters he loved endlessly. He started them early on El Fenix and traveling and their world revolved
around each other. They took family vacations every year and he served on the PTA and taught Sunday school.
They set aside one special night a year to decorate the Christmas tree together. He was the ultimate family
man; working hard and providing well but also giving his attention and time to the family he loved so much.

He was forever changed by the death of his daughter, Julie, and was devastated again two years later when
he lost wife, Shirley, to cancer. His friends rallied around him and became his source of comfort. CE's final years
were happy, thanks to people who kept him busy, laughing, traveling, eating out and drinking wine.

He owed much of his strength to God and the Grey Panthers, his men's Bible study group that met every
Thursday. True to his life, he continued to be dedicated to his daughter, Melissa, and her family.

He adored his grandchildren and was so happy knowing his daughter had found the love of her life, just as he
had with Shirley. CE will be greatly missed by countless people. He could find common interests with anyone
he met and treated everyone with respect and kindness. His death will leave a hole in the hearts and lives of so

Preceded in death by daughter, Julie and wife, Shirley. Survived by daughter, Melissa, and her husband,
Billy Greear, and grandchildren Wyatt, age 13 and McKinley, age 6. Also survived by sister-in-law and family,
Beverly and Mike Madden and their children, Patrick and Meredith.

by permission from Melissa Greear.

C.E. was a unique person.  He had many friends and knew few strangers.  He will be sorely missed by all.

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