Charlie Maxfield


Crossed over into eternity Thursday, April 13, 2006 at home surrounded by his family that he loved so much.  He was born November 20, 1940 the son of A.T. and Mary Maxfield and grandson of Lemuel and Lena Oxford.  He is survived by his wife, Elizabeth Jane, to whom he was married to for 43 years.  He is also survived by three sons & daughters-in-law Kirk Maxfield, Ty & Rhonda Maxfield and Lee & Jeanette Maxfield as well as six granddaughters, Tarah Palmer, Kayla Brei, Macie Maxfield, Kelsey Maxfield, Hailee Maxfield, and Lyla Maxfield.  He is also survived by his sister, Sue Maxfield and many nieces and nephews.  Funeral Services were held at Trinity Fellowship Church, 932 S. Greenville Ave. on Saturday, April 15, 2006 at 11:00 a.m.


Charlie was a special friend.  We got to know each other best during a fishing trip to Colorado in the summer of 2005.  We drove up and back and you spend a lot of that time in conversation.  It was especially fun to see Charlie interact and have a good time with the other friends on the trip.  It was a big group, and some Charlie had not met before.  He hit is off particularly well with Jack McNairy.  Charlie was always nibbling at someone, and this time Jack was the bait.  It was fun to see them cooking.  We took turns with kitchen duties.  They decided to fry potatoes.  They put about a half gallon of cooking oil in a big pot and put the potatoes in before turning on the fire.  It may not have been done right, but all of them disappeared at dinner!


It was my pleasure to know Charlie for more than twenty years as we worshipped at the same church for many of those.  After Charlie retired and them moved away, they made a new relationship with a church nearer their home in the outskirts of Kaufman.  We still got together at special times.  One of those times was a birthday party given for him in November, 2004.   I have wonderful pictures of that party and look at them often.


Charlie and Johnny Hastings were very close.  They had interactions that were unique to them.  Charlie had been hunting and fishing with Johnny on many occasions, including a trip to Venezuela.  Johnny spoke at his funeral, but we have been unable to find the text.  We are still looking.


Charlie developed an untreatable malignancy in 2004 and was expected to live only for a few months.  He lived for more than year.  He was a fighter.  I never saw or heard him be discouraged.  He had a remarkable attitude.  He had strong faith and knew he would soon be in a better place with his Lord Jesus.


We miss Charlie and his smile!  We will see him again some day.


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