Why I graduated from college after medical school?

I was in the class of 1958 at Baylor University.  I was taking pre-med studies, and would be eligible for a B.A. degree after my first year in medical school.

In the spring of 1957, my mother was recovering from cancer of the stomach surgery at Mayo Clinic.  My dad called me and asked me to come to Rochester to be with mother so he could return to work.  I left school with the understanding of my professors about a month before the end of the year.  I took incomplete grades in comparative anatomy and medical Greek & Latin.  I finished the anatomy course in the summer.  I never made any attempt to find out what was required to finish the language course.  It was "extra" and I had taken it for fun.  As I did not think I was eligible for my B.A. degree, I never made any inquiry of Baylor after my freshman year at Southwestern Medical School.

In 1974, it looked to me like we would have a single payer government health care system in the very near future.  I decided that a B.A. degree might we worth something in the scheme of things.  I wrote to Baylor to ask what I needed to do to receive my B.A. degree.  They wrote back and said "send $50."  I graduated in absentia in the spring of 1974.

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