Almont, Colorado

My friend Johnny has been going fishing every summer to this small town about 10 miles north of Gunnison since childhood.  His parents had a cabin on the Taylor River when he was a kid.  It is where two rivers, the East River and the Taylor River come together to form the Gunnison River, ten miles north of the city of Gunnison, Colorado.  There is not much to the place other than a couple of resorts and a post office.

I started going fishing with Johnny and various of our friends in Almont the summer of 2000.  We came here on a couple of occasions on our motorcycles.  We have always stayed at Three Rivers Resort.  The last two years (2008-2009) we stayed in one of their recent cabin updates that is very nice.  I especially like the fact that it has a dishwasher, as I am the designated clean up guy.  I have never been a cook, and enjoy others cooking very much.  Cleaning up is my part of the deal.

Our "best" year was in 2005 when we had several friends along and all stayed in one of the larger cabins.  There were plenty of places to sleep and a big kitchen and dining area, but only one bathroom.  That is not much of a problem for a bunch of guys.  Two are missing from this picture, James Quisenberry and I.

This was a particularly memorable trip because our friend Charlie Maxfield (guy on the right with the cell phone to his ear) was along.  Charlie had a terminal liver cancer and died about 6 months after this trip.  Jack McNairy, the guy on the far left, was a first timer and neophyte fisherman.  He is a comedian and the reparte between Jack and Charlie was enjoyed by all of us. 



James Quisenberry came up after a golfing trip in Vail and stayed with us a few days and organized a golf tournament.  The winning foresome is pictured with Bill, Jack, Charlie and Tom.  The contest was flawed.  We were on the 14th hole and the siren went off warning of nearby lightening.  We took refuge in a nearby rest stop.  Unknown to us, the other guys who were ahead of us took refuge in the clubhouse and started drinking beer.  After a few minutes after not seeing or hearing any thunder or lightening, we complted the course.  We found the other foresome already on about their third beer.  We admonished them to go out and complete the round as we had.  They said they were the winners, as they were ahead when the play was called.  The losers were supposed to buy the winners dinner.  It never happened.  The winners are pictured.


 As I write this, Johnny and our son Mark are out trying to catch "the big one."  I took a day of rest so I might be able to fish tomorrow.  Mark is going home tomorrow and he said "today is my last hurrah."  I hope they do well.  I worked very hard yesterday and came home empty handed.  Fortunately, Johnny and Mark and Bobby caught fish and we had a nice fish dinner last night.  Gene and I were both "skunked."  The picture shows Mark with a fish he caught that was a keeper.  Unfortunately, no one caught a really big fish.  We cooked fifteen nice trout for dinner.





 I had surgery on my foot last year (2008) and still am unable to walk very far or stand very long.  This picture shows my fishing stance at the "honey hole" that let us down yesterday.  Last year I sat in this spot and caught many fish on both salmon eggs and a spinner bait.  Nothing was caught this year at all on anything.  My friend Gene and I shared this spot and had the same results last year and this fish caught.



 Gene also has locomotion issues and taught me how to use salmon eggs.  He caught two fish at this place yesterday, but sat there most of the afternoon.  He said they did not start biting until 4:00 PM.  Gene is my mentor when it comes to telling stories.  He has many and tells them very well.  He is seen here walking to the creek with his chair under his arm.  He slightly resembles Moses with his staff.  Gene is a drilling consultant who now claims to be a rancher.  His wife died a couple of years ago and he sold his home in town (Graham, TX) and bought 360 acres near the town of O'Brien, Texas.  Gene is ten years older than I and is still pretty active.


On  Thursday we took Mark to the Gunnison airport where he rented a car and will catch a plane in Colorado Springs.  There is not much air service in and out of Gunnison during the summer.  Nearby Crested Butte is busy in the winter as a skiing resort, but not much happens in the summer.  There are direct flights in and out of Gunnison in the winter.

John and I fished at the Roaring Judy fish hatchery for a while but had no luck.  We went into Crested Butte and had lunch, returned back to the cabin and had a nap.  So far, it has been a pretty good day.

Our friends Gene and Bobby left on Friday AM.  John and I went fishing, back to Spring Creek.  I fished for about an hour and caught one fish, missed two others.  I had to walk back to the car up hill about 400 yards.  I was breathing so hard (elevation 9500 feet) that I became dizzy and had to sit down before I fell down.  I spent the rest of the time reading a book.  I went to sleep in the chair to be awakened by a bee buzzing me.  John came back to the car having caught several fish, nothing giant size.  We returned to the cabin by way of Taylor Park, hoping to see some wildlife.  We saw a mother mountain goat and child but nothing else.  We had a final dinner of steak with fresh corn and salad.  We got ready to leave the next day.  I did my laundry, taking advantage of the washer/dryer in our cabin. 

We got up early and left Almont about 7:00 AM.  We spent the night in Clarendon and returned home by noon on Sunday.  It was a great trip and we arrived home safely.  Thank you God.

Last edited August 26, 2009

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