William Monroe Wells, Jr.

I have recently been in communication with one of my Wells cousins Flora Conley.  She lives in Arizona and works with the DAR organization.  I gave her some information about my uncle Bill and thought I would add it to my web site in the tributes section.  He was the son of my maternal grandfather William Monroe Wells who lived in Temple, TX and I got to know as a child.  He is the only grandparent with whom I had a personal relationship.  He died in 1948.

I got to know uncle Bill when he returned from World War II where he served in the Merchant Marines.  This was a very hazardous job as many ships were sunk carrying supplies to England.  He lived with our family on Junior Drive when I was a child.  He was an alcoholic.  My mother found one of his whisky bottles under his mattress and was determined to cure him.  She talked him into going to a clinic in Dallas where they gave the residents a drug called Antibuse and then let them drink any amount of alcohol.  When they did, it made them vomit terribly.  I can't remember how long he stayed in this treatment facility, but when he came back home he was declared cured of alcoholism.

He was an interesting man to me.  He was good with working with his hands and taught me how to use wood working tools.  I can't remember how long he lived with us.

He had been married to Grace before he entered the Merchant Marines and had twin daughters.  I don't remember their names.  One has been in commination with Flora and I hope to get more information about her.  Bill met and married a lady named Mae who lived in a small town in East Texas called Blossom.  It is a small town east of Paris.  Bill made his living making Venetian blinds and called his business "Bill the Blind Man."  He had no children with Mae.  We lost track of him and did not see him much.  Later we learned he had been a patient at the Dallas VA Hospital and he died there on December 24, 1963 of coronary atherosclerosis.  He was 61 years old.  I have no knowledge of what happened to his wife Mae.

November 26, 2018

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