Michael E. Glasscock, III, M.D.

I met Mike when we were both in training at the Dallas Methodist Hospital.  I was an intern and Mike was a general surgery resident.  The house staff typically met in the cafe for coffee and conversation after we had made our morning rounds.  I was on the surgery service at the time we met.

Mike had been accepted for ENT training in Nashville but decided to do his required year of surgery training at Dallas.  As I remember he had once lived in Dallas with his family when he was a child.

Our path's continued to cross over the next 50+ years.   I  had been in private practice  for a short while  when Mike asked me to come join him in practice at Nashville.  I went for a visit and gave it much thought.  I decided to stay in Dallas where I might be of some help to my children.  My wife had divorced me in 1973.  I wanted to continue to have a relationship with my kids and I would not be able to do it from Nashville.

After Mike completed his ENT training, he spent a year in a fellowship with Dr. William H. House in Los Angeles.  It was likely the premier training place for doctors to learn ear surgery.  Mike was in private practice in Nashville for a number of years.  I visited Mike and his wife on several occasions.  He lived a way out of Nashville and he had a helicopter he flew himself back and forth to his office and hospital.

Mike and his wife  Jean divorced.  He was gone from home for several weeks during the year when he was off someplace giving instructions ad medical meetings to other ENT doctors.  This was his second wife with whom he had no children.  Mike wanted Jean to travel with him to his medical meetings.  She was unable to keep up with him!  Jean had two daughters Heather and Ann.  Mike cared for both of them.  Ann became a writer under the name of Ann Pachett.  It was some time after this he moved to Texas he lived in Uvalde.

The next conversation we had was why Uvalde?  He said it was because it was near the ranch that his father owned and he had lived there a while.  We discovered that I had been deer hunting on this ranch when I was a teenager.  Mike continued to practice with an office in San Antonio.

When Mike finally retired he moved to Austin.  My wife Jane and I visited him.  He lived in a small house in the outskirts which had a garage apartment in back.  This provided a place for his housekeeper to live.

I was overwhelmed when he came to visit me while I was in the hospital after having my prostate removed.  This was in 2002.  Mike was traveling quite a bit and when he changed planes in Dallas he would call me.

About this time I became a motorcycle rider and discovered that Mike and his brother Pat also were motorcycle owners.  We arranged to have a trip together  and we went to the Big Bend area.  We enjoyed the ride and the time together.  Eventually Mike sold his house in Austin and unknown to me he moved to San Antonio where he lived near his brother Pat.  This did not work and the last few years of his life he lived with his daughter Martina in Ashville.  This was to be his last move.

Mike was a great friend and I will miss him when I think of him often.

Last edited 6/23/2018

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