Daniel W. Foster, M.D., died June 21, 2018

Dan was a resident physician at Parkland Hospital in 1960.  He was the teacher of a small group of medical students making reports of our "rounds" with several patients who were in the hospital at Parkland Hospital at the time.  Most of these patients have been lost from my memory save for one. 

I went into the room, semi-private, to see a male patient for the first time.  When I entered the room I was overwhelmed by the bad odors.  I determined it was coming from the patient I was supposed to examine physically and take an extensive history.  I immediately left his room and returned to the nursing station where I asked the nurse to be sure Mr. X had a bath before I examined him.

The report from the nurse was that Mr. X said "no one is giving me a bath" and he got up and left the hospital!  This is what I reported to Dr. Foster when he had all of his students, about 6, in the small conference room attached to the nurse's station.  Everyone got a laugh out of it.  I can't remember why he had been admitted to the hospital and don't have a clue what happened to him.

I do remember that Dr. Foster was a good teacher.  I crossed paths with him after I entered into private practice in 1968 as we both worked at Baylor Hospital in Dallas.  I had been out of touch with him for years until I saw in the Dallas News he had died.

Last edited 6/23/2018

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