Thomas O. Brown

Thomas O. Brown
Born May 13, 1929 - Died May 18, 2015

Tom lived down the street from me in the same block.  I can't remember how we became friends but probably met when he was walking his dogs.  I remember almost buying a shotgun during a garage sale he was having.  He never missed an estate sale.  We had several things in common, but we golfed every week for several years until his health would not let him play anymore.  He loved his dogs.  He would call his wife Jean and she had the dogs ready to greet him in the front yard when he arrived back home from one of our golf outings.

Tom was an active believer and loyal member of the Schreiber Memorial Methodist Church that was in our neighborhood.  I never heard him say a bad word, even on the golf course.

Tom was very proud of being a solder.  He loved to tell stories about the reunions he attended, especially one that had been held in Dallas.  He had a grave side service and taps was played.

I feel badly that I had lost contact with him after he moved to be close to where one of his son's lived.  Our friend Lee White had kept up faithfully visiting him in the retirement center often.

He will be missed by all who knew him.  I don't think there will be any estate sales in heaven!

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